Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Curse of Oak Island S03E12


Voices From Below: The explorers finally reach the bottom of borehole 10-X, while a whole new void is discovered deep in the Money Pit.

What I thought?

In typical fashion, nothing much really happened but the usual glimpse of promise and exciting things 'next week'.

At the Money Pit the boys are drilling at a slightly different location where one of them has a "hunch" about and they find a 20ft odd cavity some 170ft down. There's a few bits of wood here and there, but the most "exciting" discovery is the smallest piece of metal you could imagine. I might be a novice, but that metal cold have found it's way down that deep from numerous locations, not least the massive excavations that were done in the Money Pit in the 60s/70s. We shall see.

There's a detour from the digging as the ancestor of one of the explorers killed at the Money Pit comes back to the island at a ripe old age herself. She's shown where her relation died, although they never recovered his body. A very potent and thoughtful moment as Rick shows her the memorial to those who have lost their lives pursuing the Oak Island dream.

Lastly, we're back to 10X and the new diver arrives in soaking weather conditions. With minutes of the show left, you guessed it, we see him descend, have a little issue getting around the drill pipe stuck down 10X before actually making it to the bottom chamber! WTF! They've made it! What's down there? Lets' see! No, we have to wait until next week of course with a sneak peek that there is indeed confirmation of a box at the bottom. Is it gold or some time capsule though?


6/10 (DECENT)

It's the smallest piece of metal but it's got the team excited.

The memorial to those who have lost their lives on Oak Island is a touching moment.

The next diver to be paid handsomely descends down 10X and gets to the bottom. What did he find? The end credits sadly. We ran out of time. Ho Hum.

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