Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Curse of Oak Island S03E13


"In the season 3 finale, the Lagina brothers finally get results from borehole 10-X, while The Money Pit also yields an exciting discovery"

What I thought?

It's the end of a long season, and in the words of another TV show, Winter is coming. This programme wraps up a year's worth of digging, wandering, surmising, listening to random people with wacky theories, questionable logic and having some descendants of explorers get personal tours of the island. This is it, for what one guesses is 2015, meaning it'll probably be October 2016 before the next series hits the airwaves. If they've struck gold by then we'd probably know about it from the internet before the TV programme tells us.

So, this week we FINALLY get to see what's at the bottom of 10X. It appears to be "nothing much". There's no two wooden posts as seen in previous radar surveys, but instead one metal drill bar. There's no dead body but instead a depression with sink holes beneath it. There's not even a treasure chest, but a massive stone where the radar said the box was. The overall conclusion of the diver, who did a amazing job, is that it's a natural cavity. Rick's not 100% convinced that 10X is done and dusted, with the decision to spend millions on excavating and draining the hole to be taken, one guesses, off-air. How much do these brothers have in money? Probably more money then Oak Island will provide them in terms of monetary rewards one suspects.

There's a special tour of the island again for three sisters who are descendants of one of the first people on the island. I believe they are related to one of the original people who went over to the island and first discovered the symbols in the Oak tree. Speaking of trees, it's long gone of course, as Rick points out to one of the sisters. I'm left wondering if anyone has ever looked for its roots? Given the devastation done in that area in the 70s, I suspect the roots are probably compost on someone's garden by now. Anyhow, the ladies bring a gift. It's a small cross. Definitely metal. Stories in the family claim that this came from a treasure chest that was found beneath the Oak Tree 200 odd years ago. This is news to everyone in the War Room. There's little information on how much the cross has been tested by experts. "It could be 500 years old" is one of the claims the lead sister says, although there is of course no professional analysis provided.

Back at the money pit and a camera is being sent down that hole from last week where they found the smallest of smallest pieces of metal. Some 130ft down in a cavity they see something shinning like metal. Salivating at the mouth, it looks like this area will get some serious attention after the winter.

So, little is learn't this week. We've a potential dead end at 10X although with all the silt and distorted view down there I agree it's too soon to put a cross through 10X. Speaking of crosses, they really need to get that item analysed that the ladies brought before going too much further. Then there's the money pit area and this new hole. It's certainly worth a closer look. 

I just hope that they not only actually find something tangible in 2016 but also that maybe they hire some experts to work with them because some of their decision making needs professional guidance.

Rating 6/10 (DECENT)

The view at the bottom of 10X is pretty bad but also sadly pretty bare.

A cross, supposedly from a treasure chest found in the Money Pit gets everyone's attention and interest. Get it checked out by experts first!
There's definitely something down this new drill-hole near the Money Pit. Hopefully someone didn't drop a coin down there the previous day.

The question is asked: "Do we continue?" There's a resounding "Yes".
I was hoping for a more interesting question to be asked like "Do we really know what we're doing?"


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