Saturday, 20 February 2016

The X-Files S10E01 "My Struggle"


Mulder and Scully are reunited after the collapse of their relationship when a TV host contacts them, believing he has uncovered a significant government conspiracy.

What I thought?

No one near as bad as I heard but this did run at fat pace. I'm still not sure why either Mulder or Scully felt compelled to talk to this guy. What was different about him then the last ten years of anyone else? Still not really explained why Mulder can out of exclusion just got him? Then we have the speed at which we see Mulder absorb all the information and student unleash a lot of joined up thinking that was so quickly spoken that I thought was a robot. It all seemed a little surreal with the sudden reunion, the abductees, the advanced technology ship and the supposed expose that was going to happen. Add that all up to the ending when Sveta supposedly gets obliterated although I'd hazard a guess that she survived that somehow. Then there was the flashbacks that seemed to be telling us a slow story but got skipped over when the present day chap met Mulder. A back story that was chopped and left to us to digest and figure out the finer points. The even stranger bit sad that in flashback the doctor arrived at the site in daylight but it was dark when be stepped closer to see alien?!???

It wasn't a bad starter for 10, but it's fast and illogical plot-line made for difficult viewing in terms of acceptance of why anyone was really that interested in getting back into the X-Files game, until of course, near the end of the episode when one could at least fathom out some reasoning.


6/10 (DECENT)

Ok, it's 1947 and the doctor arrives at the Roswell scene in daylight ...

Having walked not far, the next time we cut back to 1947, it's darkness!

I know it looks bad, but I reckon Sveta survived. I reckon most would agree.

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