Monday, 8 February 2016

Black Sails S03E02


Flint's ship is put through hell in a half pipe as it travels through the most massive storm. Miss Guthrie is beginning her voyage back to Nassau, and there's a blast from the past back on the island.

What I thought?

For sheer reality, tension and theatre, the plot thread of Flint's ship going into the eye of the storm was exceptional. Sadly, Guthrie's felt like a retelling and spurred only by resentment and an inevitable betrayal, something that the British captain seems to think so too. Not sure why, but I find it dull, purely because I think I know how this will go down. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong. On the island, the return of someone I've no active memory of, or has even featured before on the show I believe, lacks any real impact or tension.


6/10 (DECENT)

Even waterproofs wouldn't have helped Flint and his crew in this hell of a storm.

Who are you? Who are you? Apparently he's a blast from the past.

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