Sunday, 30 August 2015

Windows 10: BUILD 10532

Windows 10: BUILD 10532

What's New


Doesn't sound like much, but the right-click menus now look like they are part of a new OS instead of from the days of Windows 95 (happy 20th btw). This includes the jump-lists from the taskbar, the right-click start menu and of course anything you'd normally right click in Explorer or on the desktop.

It's not revolutionary, it's evolutionary. Although quite why they didn't do this before they released Windows 10 ... well, that's the age-old question isn't it?

Feedback App

The only other main "improvement" this build is that the feedback app gets the facility to "Share" feedback items, something that you'd think the work experience person could have done for Microsoft in 10 minutes. Quite why it's taking so long to develop the feedback app I'm not sure, but this is at least progress ...

You'll note the share/copy link options at the bottom of every feedback item.

I can't get the copy link to copy/paste anything so not sure if that's just me :(

That means I have to resort to sharing an item, which gives the prompt above, and then ... ARGH ... opens up a charm menu from the right ...

Ruddy charms just won't die will they???

Anyhow, using the mail option I can email myself the link, which comes with a screenshot and then use that to "share".


Windows Store was initially buggered

Unusually in recent builds, I did have some problems after the actual upgrade had completed and I'd logged in. The first sign that all was not well was the delayed log wait after logon, so it came as little surprise to find the Windows Store not working:

One cannot really use Windows 10 without the Windows Store, as it contains updates for system apps as well as anything you might manage to find useful in the store as well.

Found this fixed the issue though:
  1. Open an Elevated Powershell prompt by pressing the Windows Key, typing Powershell, then pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter
  2. Paste the following command into Powershell and execute it:
    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

Office 2016 Activation reset

I'm using the trial version of Office 2016 so my license ticks down and as with every build upgrade, I have to reactivate the trial license. No biggie.

AVG Buggered

I've been using AVG Free on my Windows Insider Build and sometimes it does need a repair after a build upgrade but this time it had one component not working and just refused to repair. Eventually I gave up and uninstalled it, and am using another AV for this build.

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