Sunday, 20 September 2015

Windows 10 App Update: Mail & Calendar App

Windows 10 App Update
Mail & Calendar App

Version 17.6216.42271.0 ~ 20th September 2015



You can't miss this, because on first load you'll think you've fired up the wrong app!

Yes, Themes come to the mail app and it's absolutely striking at first glance. I'm unsure how practical it is, but my initial impression was WTF, but some ten minutes later I'm currently thinking "Hmmm, Not sure if I'll keep it but it's pretty":

The default is the rather artistic countryside lake, and it's better than the previous default background window, but this time the theme also takes up the far left panel behind your accounts and folders, so it might make seeing some writing harder, but in a most unlike Microsoft move, they have already given us the ability to customise it all! Hard to believe huh?

Under options\personalization you now get all these settings:

There's the option to change the accent into lots of different colours, the introduction of a dark theme (I know people love that!) and you can change the background picture to some other more simplistic pictures or something of your own choice. You can also say NOT to put the background photo over that left panel, which is very welcome!

Here's my mailbox in the dark theme, with green accent and a different background:

Inbox Count

Would you believe it? You wait for a bus and two turn up at once!

Yes, you can now see the inbox count of your mailboxes at a glance! It's on the left panel near the top, as seen in previous screenshots:

Clicking on the accounts heading now opens up the accounts menu towards the far right of the screen. Don't think it used to do that? Ah, it may have. Who knows! Too excited by the changes to remember.

Composing an email

The "ribbon" or toolbar for each of the options when composing an email are now permanently on display rather than appearing only when you clicked on them:

Call Security!

Under Options and for each account, down the very bottom, each account now has the following extra settings:

Mail Icon gets the blues

Very minor but in the taskbar the Mail Icon now has some blue colour in it:

What's Not Changed

  • No combined mailbox view - I know some people want this. I'm not bothered though.
  • Syncing issues - I did my first manual sync and got an error. Somethings never change huh?
  • Conservation view is ON BY DEFAULT - Noooooooo, but don't worry, you just have to turn it off for each account again.

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